Feb 28 2005: Beta 0.28b released.

Some very minor changes and bug fixes in this version. In particular a bug that would cause client lockups when initiating DCC chat sessions was fixed in this release. 

Feb 14 2005: Beta 0.27b released.

This long overdue release contains compatibility with HP-UX and Tru64 OSes, some changes to the configuration and installation processes, and most importantly SOCKS4/5 proxy support. Some code cleanup and bug fixes are included as well. Given that rhapsody has been out for over a year now and that very few bugs have been found up to this point, this version will probably be the last beta only release.  

Aug 24 2005: Beta 0.26b released.

This release is a compilation of various patches that I have received over the last few months, and fixes for some minor bugs. Big thanks to Bilal Chaudhry for the largefile patch, and Chris Howey for his timestamp work, both of which are included in this version. As always, any help is welcome. If you want to help with the project, please contact me first so that I can coordinate our efforts. 

May 23 2005: Beta 0.25b released.

It's been a long time since the last update. I needed to take a long break from programming, and as a result rhapsody didn't get updated for several months. Well, I finally completed the multi-server release. A lot of the code was changed or rewritten for this one, and I tried to keep the changes to the interface minimal. There are also several fixes to reported bugs. Thanks to everyone for reporting them.

I also want to thank everyone who submitted patches. Unfortunately, the patches will not be included in this release, but I will try to include all received patches in the next version. That will be at least a month away. I'm going on an overdue, month long vacation in a couple of days and will not have access to a computer.

As always, any help is very much appreciated, be it code patches, help with documentation, bug reports, or even feature requests. Keep them coming! 

Jan 04 2005: Beta 0.24b released.

A lot of changes and new things in this version. First of all, BeOS support was added (thanks to Francois Revol). Then some bugs were fixed including one that made repeated failed attempts to connect to a remote client at the start of DCC chat. I also added a way of customizing user interface colors, and server password support for those of you who connect through bnc. To see all other changes, read the CHANGELOG file.

This versions handles color in a much different way than the previous versions. In fact most of the color handling code was rewritten, so this release may be a little more buggy than usual. As always, let me know if you encounter any problems.  

Dec 04 2004: Beta 0.23b released.

This is the first beta release of rhapsody. By now, most of the annoying known bugs should have been taken care of. This version also adds new Control and User List menus in channel user lists.

Next few versions will focus on new functionality. If you are interested in seeing something new in this client, use the Feature Requests forms on the project page here:


I would also appreciate it if someone could write an honest review of rhapsody, since I haven't received much feedback to this day. 

Nov 23 2004: Alpha 0.22a adds Cygwin support.

Not that many of you will care, but I just installed Cygwin on my PC and decided to make Rhapsody compatible with Cygwin, so here it is.

Nov 21 2004: Alpha 0.21a is likely to be the last Alpha release.

This version fixes a bug in ignore list code that prevented wildcard characters from being properly interpreted. Also, a minor issue with scrolling in channel lists was corrected. In this version, pressing an alphanumeric key in a list allows you now to jump to the next entry starting with that key. This is very convenient when looking for a specific entry in a large list.

At this point rhapsody is free of major bugs, at least the ones I know of. If you happen to run into any other bugs or annoyances that still haven't been fixed in this version, please let me know. The next version will therefore likely be a beta release.    

Nov 14 2004: Another bugfix release.

Another very minor update. This time, I corrected broken logic that reverses lists when saving configuration and fixed user sorting and mode changes in channel user lists. PageUp and PageDn keys should now work there as well. Too lazy to work on documentation at the moment, so the user guide will have to wait a few more days. 

Nov 5 2004: Rhapsody Alpha 0.19 bugfix release! 

I found and fixed some silly bugs in the DCC file transfer code. Now the transfers should be bug free and 100% correct according to the the DCC spec floating around on the net. I'm also working on a user guide for rhapsody which should be completed sometime next week. As always if you find any problems, please let me know. 


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